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Spring 2021 Courses

00 and 100 LEVEL COURSES **

** No prerequisites; all CMLT courses below are GH courses. CMLT 10 and 100 are requirements for the CMLT Major and WLIT Minor. For more info:


CMLIT 004: Introductions to Asian Literatures:

(3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Flora Shao TuTh 9:05AM – 10:20 AM: zoom 

Comparative interpretations of narrative, drama, lyric, and other writing from East Asia and other regions, as world literature.

CMLIT 010: Introductions to World Literatures:

(3) (GH;IL) (BA) ** required for CMLT Major and WLIT Minor

001: Linda Istanbulli  TuTh 12:05PM - 1:20PM  zoom 

002 (web): Dina Mahmoud tiem TBA web

003 (web): K'Lah Yamada time TBA web

The development of literature around the world--from epic, legend, lyric, etc. in the oral tradition to modern written forms.

CMLIT 013: Virtual Worlds

(3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Camila Gutierrez Fuentes MWF 1:25PM - 2:15PM  zoom

Virtual worlds from ancient to postmodern, in a global context that includes literature, film, and online multiplayer games.

CMLIT 100: Reading Across Cultures:

(ENGL 200) (3) (GH;IL)(BA) ** required for CMLT Major and WLIT Minor

Jonathan Eburne TuTh 9:05AM – 10:20 AM: zoom       

Comparative approaches (studying international literary periods, themes, genres, etc.) and principles of literary interpretation introduced through readings representing various cultures.

CMLIT 101: Race, Gender, and Identity in World Literature:

(3) (GH;US;IL)(BA)

001 Henry Morello  TuTh 10:35AM - 11:50AM  108 Chambers

002 Qiyu Chen MoWeFr 10:10AM - 11:00AM  zoom         

Identity and race, gender and heritage, centrality and marginality, self and other, as expressed in works from around the world.

CMLIT 107: Exploration, Travel, Migration, and Exile:

(3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Linda Istanbulli  TuTh 9:05AM -10:20AM 

Literatures of travel, migration, exploration, and exile from ancient times to the future, from narratives of journeys actually experienced through narratives of journeys imagined in the mind.

CMLIT 108: Myths and Mythology:

(3) (GH;IL)(BA)

001 Justin Halverson MoWe 4:40PM - 5:55PM zoom

002 (web) Andrea Martinez Teruel time TBA (web)

003 (web) Muge Gedik time TBA (web)

World mythology: myths primarily of non-Western cultures, based on selected areas and traditions around the world. 

CMLIT 112N: Introduction to Global Drama, Theatre, and Performance:

(3) (IL) (GH; GA; US).

Henry Morello  TuTh 1:35PM - 2:50PM  005 Health and Human Development Bldg

Introduction to Global Drama, Theatre, and Performance. Interdomain. The power and excitement of drama in a global context.

CMLIT 120: The Literature of the Occult:

(3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Justin Halverson  MoWeFr 11:15AM - 12:05PM zoom

Important literary works dealing with witchcraft, demonology, vampirism, and related concepts, from biblical times to present.

CMLIT 122: Global Science Fictions:

(3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Dillon Rockrohr MoWeFr 1:25PM - 2:15PM  zoom

A study of the relationships between science, literature, and film, from an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

CMLIT 128N: The Holocaust in Film and Literature (GER/JST/ENG 128N)

(3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Sabine Doran  MoWeFr 1:25PM - 2:15PM   zoom

Studies how art, literature, film, and other media can help us to gain a perspective on one of the most horrific events in human history, the Holocaust: the genocidal murder of more than six million men, women, and children (mostly Jewish) under the Nazi regime during World War II.

CMLIT 131: Crime and Detection in World Literature:

(3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Katherine Kerschen TuTh 10:35AM - 11:50AM   zoom  

Issues of ethics, truth, justice, and social order as embodied in crime and detective literature, presented in comparative 

CMLIT 143: Human Rights and World Literature:

(3) (GH;US;IL)(BA)

Hanan Alalawi  TuTh 10:35AM - 11:50AM   zoom

Human rights violations discussed in tandem with their literary representation, presented in a global and comparative context.

CMLIT 153: International Cultures: Film and Literature:

(3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Vasilije Ivanovic   TuTh 12:05PM - 1:20PM        Huck Life Sciences Bldg 100

Comparison of narrative techniques employed by literature and film in portraying different cultures. 

CMLIT 184/ENG 184: The Short Story:

(3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Maria Maza MoWeFr 2:30PM - 3:20PM zoom

This course explores the art of the short story, with an emphasis on short fiction from the 19th and 20th centuries.

CMLIT 191N: Introduction to Video Game Culture:

(3) (GH;US) (BA)

Jonathan Correa TuTh 9:05AM - 10:20AM   

Interdomain. This course is a comparative introduction to the nature and history of video games as cultural artifacts, from Pong to online role-playing.



** open to first-year students with instructor permission. 400-level courses are intended for but not restricted to students considering the CMLT Major or WLIT Minor. For more info:


CMLIT 415: World Graphic Novels:

(3) (IL) (BA)

Jonathan Abel TuTh 1:35PM - 2:50PM  zoom     

Analyses of form, genre, medium, and discourse of the graphic novel and its historical precedents in an international context.

CMLIT 438: Fantastic Worlds: International and Comparative Perspectives:

(3) (US/IL)(BA)

Joanthan Eburne  TR TuTh 12:05PM - 1:20PM zoom

Explores the art—as well as the lived experience—of creating fantastic worlds, examined globally and across media.

CMLIT 497: Special Topic: Literature, Race, and Disease  

(3) (IL)(BA) (available for BIOETHICS accreditation)

Rosemary Jolly  MoWeFr 11:15AM - 12:05P zoom

Examines pandemic literary production over the centuries through the lens of race.