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Spring 2020 Courses

CMLIT 004: Introductions to Asian Literatures:

Jooyeon Rhee TR 10:35AM - 11:50AM  (3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Comparative interpretations of narrative, drama, lyric, and other writing from East Asia and other regions, as world literature.

CMLIT 010: Introductions to World Literatures:

(multiple sections- INCLUDES HONORS SECTION)  (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

The development of literature around the world--from epic, legend, lyric, etc. in the oral tradition to modern written forms.

CMLIT 011: The Hero in World Literature:

This course will examine the concept of heroism and of heroes throughout the world in different time periods and different literary genres. We will examine theories of heroism, as well as gender relations involved in concepts of heroes/heroines, and theroles of anti-heroes, villainous heroes, and the enemies of heroes. MWF 2:30-3:20, Sackett Bldg 319

CMLIT 013: Virtual Worlds

Justus Berman MWF 1:25PM - 2:15PM  (3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Virtual worlds from ancient to postmodern, in a global context that includes literature, film, and online multiplayer games.

CMLIT 100: Reading Across Cultures:

Flora Shao MWF 11:15AM - 12:05PM    (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Comparative approaches (studying international literary periods, themes, genres, etc.) and principles of literary interpretation introduced through readings representing various cultures.

CMLIT 101: Race, Gender, and Identity in World Literature:

Nergis Ertürk  TR 1:35PM - 2:50PM (3) (GH;US;IL)(BA)

Identity and race, gender and heritage, centrality and marginality, self and other, as expressed in works from around the world.

CMLIT 106: The Arthurian Legend:

Danielle Netzer  TR 12:05PM - 1:20PM   (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

The growth and development of the legend of King Arthur, from medieval Europe to modern Japan.

CMLIT 108: Myths and Mythology:

(multiple sections)  (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

World mythology: myths primarily of non-Western cultures, based on selected areas and traditions around the world.

CMLIT 112N: Introduction to Global Drama, Theatre, and Performance:

Henry Morello  TR 1:35PM - 2:50PM   (3) (IL) (GH; GA; US).

Introduction to Global Drama, Theatre, and Performance. Interdomain. The power and excitement of drama in a global context.

CMLIT 113 (J ST/CAMS/RL ST): Myths of the Jews:

Aaron Rubin   MWF10:10AM - 11:00AM  (3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Comparative study of diverse interpretations of stories from the Bible in Judaism and Christianity.

CMLIT 120: The Literature of the Occult:

(multiple sections)  (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Important literary works dealing with witchcraft, demonology, vampirism, and related concepts, from biblical times to present.

CMLIT 130: Banned Books: International and Comparative Perspectives:

Theodore Chelis   MWF 2:30PM - 3:20PM (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

The world of banned books, their history, and their politics, studied comparatively and internationally.

CMLIT 131: Crime and Detection in World Literature:

Kendra Mcduffie   TR 9:05AM - 10:20AM (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

Issues of ethics, truth, justice, and social order as embodied in crime and detective literature, presented in comparative contexts.

CMLIT 142: The Psychology of World Literature:

Theodore Chelis  MWF 12:20PM - 1:10PM (3) (GH;IL)(BA)

A comparative, psychological approach to world literature from the perspectives of writer, narrative, character, and reader.

CMLIT 143: Human Rights and World Literature:

Magali Armillas-Tiseyra  MWF 11:15AM - 12:05PM (3) (GH;US;IL)(BA)

Human rights violations discussed in tandem with their literary representation, presented in a global and comparative context.

CMLIT 153: International Cultures: Film and Literature:

Justin Halverson   MWF 10:10AM - 11:00AM     (3) (GH;IL) (BA)

Comparison of narrative techniques employed by literature and film in portraying different cultures. 

CMLIT 184/ENG 184: The Short Story:

Michael Gideon MWF 2:30PM - 3:20PM  (3) (GH;IL) (BA)

This course explores the art of the short story, with an emphasis on short fiction from the 19th and 20th centuries.

CMLIT 191N: Introduction to Video Game Culture:

Eric Hayot  TR 9:05AM - 10:20AM      (3) (GH;US) (BA)

Interdomain. This course is a comparative introduction to the nature and history of video games as cultural artifacts, from Pong to online role-playing.

CMLIT 410: Literary Translation: Theory and Practice:

Adrian Wanner TR1:35PM - 2:50PM    (3) (IL) (BA)

Emphasizing literary translation, a study of the theoretical and practical problems encountered in the processes of translation, transmission, and interpretation.

CMLIT 440: War Stories:

Scott Smith  TR 10:35AM - 11:50AM   (3) (US/IL)(BA)

An exploration of representations of war in culture.

CMLIT 489: Contemporary World Fiction:

Magali Armillas-Tiseyra MWF 10:10AM - 11:00AM  (3) (IL)(BA)

A survey of developments in contemporary world fiction in translation. 

CMLIT 503: Comparative Criticism II: Romantic to Contemporary:

Jonathan Eburne  M 2:30PM – 5:30 PM  (3)(BA)

Principles and theories of literary criticism from eighteenth- and nineteenth- century beginnings to twentieth-century expansion and application.