Recent Dissertations

Recent Dissertations

2023, Jonathan Correa, “Caught in a Bad Romance: Race and Ontologies of the Human in Middle English Literature.” Advisor: ( Robert Edwards).

2023, Liz Schoppelrei, “Speculative Formations: Queer and Trans Communities in the Long Twentieth Century.” Advisor: (Magali Armillas-Tiseyra).

2023, Wayne Yeung, “Democracy and its Doubles: Representing the People in Sinophone and Francophone Extraterritoriality”. Advisors: (Nicolai Volland/Shuang Shen).

2023, Duncan Lien, “Allotropes of Realism : The Bilingual Political Imaginary of Turkish-German Literature (1972-2015)”. Advisors: (Erturk/Beebee)

2023, Eunice Lim, “Surfing Language Waves in Singapore’s Decolonial (Il)Literature”. Advisors: ( Nicolai Volland, Shuang Shen).

2020, Aurelie Matheron, “Decolonizing Refuse: Ecologies of Waste in Contemporary Arts and Literatures” Advisors: (Jonathan Eburne).

2019, Victoria Lupascu, “Disposability is in the Blood: Biopolitical Cultures of Health in Chinese, Romanian and Brazilian Literature and Documentary Films. ” Advisors: (Shuang Shen, Charlotte Eubanks). 

2019, Alexander Fyfe, “Forms of Resilience: African Fiction and the Crisis of Capitalism” (Advisor: Rosemary Jolly).

2019, Elizabeth Liendo, “Pain and Pleasure: Fictions of Erotic Violence from Ovid to Spenser” (Advisor: Robert Edwards).

2018, Molly Appel, “The Students of Human Rights: Literature, Pedagogy, and the Long Sixties in the Americas” (Advisor: Rosemary Jolly).

2017, Andres Amerikaner, “Market Realism: Latin American Literary Movements after the Boom” (Advisor: Sophia McClennen).

2017, Max Jensen, “Archaic Modernism and Spanish Poetry, 1898-1975” (Advisor: Jonathan Eburne).

2017, Kelly Lehtonen, “The Heroic Sublime in Renaissance Epic: Tasso, Spenser, Milton” (Advisor: Patrick Cheney).

2017, Lea Pao, “Informational Practices in German Poetry: Ernst Meister, Oswald Egger, Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock” (Advisor: Jonathan Abel).

2017, Darwin Tsen, “Postsocialist Collectivities: Institutions, Aesthetics, Politics in the Sinophone Novel” (Advisor: Eric Hayot).

2016, Angela San Martin Vasquez, “Inter-American Modern and Modernist Poetry: The Poetics of Reimagining the Americas” (Advisor: Djelal Kadir).

2015, Morgan Bozick, “Before Lady MacBeth: Destructive Queens and the Periodization of Early British Literature” (Advisor: Caroline Eckhardt).

2015, Micah Donohue, “The Whirpool and the Mountain: Scenes of Cannibalistic Worlding in American Literature” (Advisor: Thomas Beebee).

2015, Anouar El Younssi, “Al-Tajrīb” (Experimentalism) in the Moroccan New Novel and the Debate over Legitimacy” (Advisor: Jonathan Eburne).

2014, Hui-chuan Wu, “Miraculous Economies: Asian Values, Domesticity, and Transpacific Literature” (Advisor: Eric Hayot).

2014, Yuka Amano, “Reading as Ritual: Desire for Textual Community in Works by Jeremias Gotthelf, Izumi Kyoka, Yanagita Kunio, and Annette Von Droste-Hulshoff” (Advisor: Charlotte Eubanks).

2014, Jason Brooks, “Medea Unmasked: Innokentii Annenskii’s Proto-Feminist Translation of Euripides’ Medea” (Advisor: Adrian Wanner). (Advisor: Adrian Wanner).

2014, Juliana Chapman, “Boethian Music in Thomas of Britain, Dante, Chaucer, Spenser, and their Contemporaries, c. 1200-1600” (Advisor: Caroline Eckhardt).

2014, Beyza Lorenz, “Travel and Translatio: Itinerant Writing across Ottoman Worlds” (Advisors: Djelal Kadir and Nergis Erturk).

2014, Michelle Decker, “African Genres: Literature, Geography, and Poetics in the Long East Coast” (Advisor: Eric Hayot).

2013, Sara Marzioli, “Invisible Diasporas: Afro-Modernism in Italy”

2013, Renae Mitchell, “Monuments of Culture and the Cult of the Monument”

2012, Mich Nyawalo, “From Trickster to Badman to “Gangsta”: Globalizing the Badman Mythoform in Hip-Hop Music”

2012, Atia Sattar, “The Aesthetics of Experiential Medicine: Literature and Scientific Inquiry in the Nineteenth Century”

2012, German Campos-Munoz, “Classical Conjunctions: The Greco-Roman Tradition in Latin America”

2012, Kerri Pierce, “Reconnection and/or Recommencement: Narrative Desire and the Blank Page in Anna Seghers’s Transit, Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire and J. L. Borges’s “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”

2012, Lisa Rothlisberger, “NAFTA Culture: Trade Policy and Cultural Exchange in the Global Era”

2012, Yuk Sunny Tien, “Literary Humor and Chinese Modernity: The Adaptation and Translation of Shakespeare, Wilde, and Shaw”

2011, Ipek Kismet Bell, “Rampant Modernism and Its Cityscapes: Alfred Doblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz, Robert Musil’s Der Mann Ohne Eigenschaften, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar’s Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitusu”

2011, Annika Farber, “Ethical Reading and the Medieval Artes Amandi: The Rise of the Didactic in Andreas Capellanus, Jean De Meun, and John Gower”

2010, Kyle Anderson, “Promises of Modern Renaissance: Italian Presences in Chinese Modernity”

2010, Nathan Devir, “Archetypes and Avatars: A Case Study of the Cultural Variables of Modern Judaic Discourse through the Selected Literary Works of A. B. Yehoshua, Chaim Potok, and Chochana Boukhobza”

2010, Deberniere Torrey, “Set Apart by Mind and Soul: Subjectivity in the Writings of Early Korean Catholics”