Student Resources

Student Resources

Arabic Language Student Resources

General Tools

Arabic Keyboard
Arabic Calligraphy
ArabicPod – over 100 beginner-level Arabic podcasts available for free (with registration); however, for access to higher-level podcasts, a subscription is required.
CAST Tech Service – offers services to assess your Arabic level
Multi-language Keyboard
NMELRC Arabic Learner’s Handbook – general information and tips on the learning process
Learning the Arabic script, from Stanford University
Wikipedia Arabic Alphabet
Yamli – type and do searches in transliterated Arabic, and the site will “translate” back into Arabic script

Modern Standard Arabic

101 Rules of Arabic Grammar – PDF file by Mohammed Jiyad
Arabic Grammar – by Tripod
Arabic Grammar: Verb Reference – by
Arabic Grammar: in Arabic
Arabic Grammar: in English
Arabic Idioms – PDF file by Hussein Maxos
Arabic Plural System – PDF file by Hussein Maxos
Basic vocabulary lists
Common Vocabulary in the Press – PDF file by Hussein Maxos
Egyptian And Modern Standard Arabic
Learn Arabic – audio support
LookLex Learn Arabic – audio support for phrases
Madinah – Arabic flash cards for vocabulary  and more
MSA and Classical Arabic Grammar Tutorial
MSA \ Colloquial Grammar Comparison – PDF file by Hussein Maxos
Wikibooks Grammar
Word Blending and Synthesis – PDF file by Hussein Maxos

Arabic Dialects

Levantine Arabic

Colloquial Levantine audio and video collection – audio, video, and sample syllabi for learning everyday Arabic as spoken by Jordanians, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians.
CultureTalk Arab Levant – video clips of interviews and discussions with Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians, and Jordanians. Most of the clips are in colloquial Arabic, some are in English. Translations are given for all non-English video clips.

Syrian Arabic

Arabic idioms – a nice collection of over a thousand idioms used in Syrian Arabic
Syrian Arabic – free Syrian Arabic course (PDF download) with mp3s
Syrian Arabic – National Middle East Language Resource Center

Lebanese Arabic

ABC Lebanese Arabic
An Introduction to Lebanese
FSI Levantine Arabic

Jordanian Arabic

LangMedia: Arabic in Jordan

Moroccan Arabic

Friends of Morocco
Moroccan Arabic Vocab
Revised Peace Corps Moroccan Arabic book, available for download as a PDF file
Speak Moroccan

Algerian Arabic

Algerian Darjda-English dictionary
The Algerian Dardja Dictionary

Tunisian Arabic

Peace Corps Tunisian Arabic book, PDF file
Tunisian Arabic course, PDF file

Mauritanian Arabic

Mauritanian Arabic: Culture and Communication, PDF file
Mauritanian Arabic: Grammar, PDF file
Mauritanian Arabic: Literacy, PDF file
Peace Corps: Mauritanian Arabic course, mp3s and PDF lessons

Iraqi Arabic

Iraqi Tutor – a collection of eight introductory lessons on the Iraqi dialect, featuring short video clips from a popular Iraqi TV show and audio clips of dialogue and vocabulary.

Gulf Arabic

FSI Saudi Arabic
Gulf (free registration required)

Egyptian Arabic

An Arabist’s Guide to Egyptian Colloquial PDF file by Daniel Pipes – Written for Arabic students with a background in MSA. Introduction to the Egyptian dialect.
BYU Arabic course materials – Online vocabulary, exercises, and videos for both Egyptian and standard Arabic (beginner level).
Egyptian Arabic Primer by W.A. Betts, available to browse or as a free PDF download from Google Books.
Egyptian And Modern Standard Arabic

Online dictionaries and glossaries

Al-Awwal English – Arabic (searchable Arabic interface)
Arabic – English – French (searchable Arabic interface)
Arabic – Hebrew
Arabic picture dictionary
Babylon English-Arabic
Dictionarybay (contains links to glossaries)
Edward Lane’s Arabic-English dictionary
English – Arabic Dictionary index
English – Arabic Finance Glossary
English – Arabic Food Glossary
English – Arabic Medical Glossary
English – Arabic Economic Glossary
English – Arabic Business Glossary
Ectaco – English-Arabic
French – Arabic
German – Arabic
Olito English – Arabic
Sakhr – Arabic-English, English-Arabic
WordReference – English-Arabic
User generated dictionary of Colloquial Arabic (blog)

Arabic media online

Aswaat Arabiyya – an archive of videos, sorted by level of difficulty. Video can be slowed down to preferred speed.
Archive of phone conversations in Egyptian, Levantine, and Iraqi Arabic – Sorted by dialect and level of difficulty.
Digital Media Archive
MEMRI TV – news video clips with English translations.

Television news

Al-Arabiya (website | online stream)
Al-Jazeera (website | online stream | YouTube channel)
BBC Arabic – includes streaming video and radio news.
France24 – Click on the banner reading حاليا على فرانس 24: النشرة to watch their live stream.
wwiTV – World Wide Internet Television


Al Ahram
Al Gomhuria
Al Masry Al Youm
Al Mesryoon
Al Shorouk
Al Wafd
Nahdet Misr

Al Rai
Ad Dustour


Al Quds

An Nahar


Al Sabah
Az Zaman

Saudi Arabia
Al Watan

United Arab Emirates
Al Bayan
Al Ittihad
Dar Al Khaleej


Arabic Song Lyrics & Translation – Translations and lyrics of Arabic songs.
Arabic Lyrics Translation forum – Archive of song translations.
La7oon lyrics (registration required) – Arabic lyrics site
Hotfile Arab Music Videos – Arabic music videos available for download. Song Lyrics – more translated/transliterated lyrics from another bellydance site. Song Translations – a bellydance website featuring lyrics in both transliterated and translated form. – streaming Arabic music (RealPlayer required)
The Arabic


Al Mumiyaa’ (The Mummy/The Night of Counting the Years) – a famous 1969 film with dialogue entirely in fuSHa. Subtitled version here.

Television & video

MBC – streaming video of popular soap operas and television programs.
MTV Lebanon
Sonara – streaming of TV series, movies, and TV programs

Radio & other audio

Banat wa Bass radio station for Egyptian women
France24 – Monte Carlo Doualiya – Click on the banner reading استمع إلى إذاعة مونت كارلو الدولية to listen to their radio stream.


Adab (Arabic poetry)
Children’s Library

Youtube Videos

Cartoon: The Rabbit and the Wolf
Learning Alphabet
Learning Alphabet
Learning 1-10 in Arabic
Learning 1-10 in Arabic
Learning 1-10 with Tarek and Shireen
Learn Colors in Arabic “Orange” Arabic Songs & Lessons for Kids
Learning months of the year