Comparative Literature

Our Department offers exciting ways to study literature and culture in a global context, to examine global media (print, visual, electronic), and to explore questions of ethics, human rights, and the real world contexts of literary and cultural production.

What can Comparative Literature do for you?

Comparative Literature will give you a deeper understanding of this planet and its people, and open doors to new intellectual and cultural worlds.  Our courses offer ways to think critically and creatively about human culture and the way that it shapes our lives.  Training you in important skills such as analytical writing, argumentation, and communication in an international context, Comparative Literature provides many of the key components to success in the global economy.

In an interconnected world where many jobs require the knowledge of a second language and/or culture, you’ll find that Comparative Literature will expand your professional and intellectual options, not only immediately after graduation, but for the rest of your life. Our alumni have found employment in domestic and international business, public relations, publishing, education, non-profit organizations, and museum acquisitions. A number of our alumni have also pursued graduate degrees in advanced literary studies, law, and library science; and they have become professors, attorneys, librarians, and leaders in business, private institutions, and government service.