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As a small department, we offer our majors the individual attention and advising they might expect at a much smaller institution, combined with the extensive resources of a large university. Comparative Literature majors regularly join our faculty and graduate students for our weekly luncheon that brings in lecturers from around the world to discuss issues of global importance. Our students even have their own departmental mailboxes!

Individually tailored programs

If you are a student with unique interdisciplinary interests, we can help you devise an individualized program of study that suits your academic needs. We can also help you with multiple majors and/or minors, which most of our majors pursue and complete within four years. Many of our majors pursue double or even triple majors in Comparative Literature, along with English, women's studies, philosophy, communications, journalism, education, African/African American studies, Asian studies, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Jewish studies, theater, and film and video, among others.