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The 5-year B.A./M.A. Program in Comparative Literature

The Department of Comparative Literature offers an integrated B.A./M.A. program that is designed to allow academically superior baccalaureate students to obtain both the B.A. and the M.A. degrees in Comparative Literature with five years of study.

The first two years of undergraduate coursework include the University General Education and Liberal Arts requirements in addition to language and literature study in the major. In the third year, you will define areas of interest in two primary literatures in different languages. In addition, you should begin to undertake work in a second foreign language. The fourth year includes graduate level work in methodology and your choice of primary literatures which replaces comparable 400-level senior year courses. The fifth and final year of the program typically consists of graduate work in Comparative Literature courses as well as the chosen literatures. The program culminates with an M.A. paper.

By encouraging greater depth and focus in the course of study beginning in the third undergraduate year, this program will help you more clearly define your area of interest and expertise in the otherwise vast field of international literatures. As a result, long-range academic planning for a doctoral degree at another University or other professional goals will be greatly enhanced.