Vasilije Ivanovic

Vasilije Ivanovic

442 Burrowes Building
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Vasilije Ivanovic


M.A. in Comparative Literature at Pennsylvania State University (2021)
MEXT scholarship and Japanese Language Program at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan (2017-2018)
B.A. in American Studies (major) and Japanese Studies (minor) at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany (2014-2016)

Professional Bio

Vasilije Ivanovic is a final-year PhD candidate in Comparative Literature and Asian Studies. His dissertation "Anthropocene Imaginaries: Science Fiction as Method for Ecological Reading" explores the role of literature in general and science-fiction literature in particular plays within the larger Anthropocene discourse. His research focuses on Japanese, German, and North American science fiction as well as on intersections and interdisciplinarity between the humanities and the sciences: what the humanities can learn and adapt from the sciences as much as how the sciences can benefit from knowledge production and methodologies in the humanities. Aside from his research in Anthropocene literature and environmental humanities, his additional research interests are translation studies (he has been a translator for over a decade), Japanese popular culture (in particular the Light Novel), and video game studies.

Areas of Specialization:

Anthropocene Literature
Environmental Humanities
Science Fiction Studies
Science/Humanities Interdisciplinary Studies