Andrea Martinez Teruel

Andrea Martinez Teruel

(814) 863-1125


B.A. Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), 2015
MA in Comparative Literature, Penn State, 2020

Professional Bio

Andrea Martínez Teruel is a 3rd year doctoral student in Comparative Literature, minoring in Latin American studies. Andrea is positioning herself as a scholar of Hemispheric American studies, specializing in contemporary literature and other media from Central America and the Central American diaspora. She is interested in the way the relationships across the American continent have conditioned, limited, fostered, and shaped cultural productions and the different relational cultural identities in the region. Currently, her research seeks to focus on Central American artistic productions to investigate the paradoxical role that the region holds in the continent, as both geographically and strategically central but regularly peripheralized in world affairs and literary imaginings.

Areas of Specialization

Hemispheric American studies

Latin American literature

Central American culture

Latinx studies