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We see teaching as a crucial component of the development of scholarship. All our students teach, often beginning their careers at Penn State as teaching assistants for large undergraduate courses taught by faculty, and ending them as teachers of their own upper-level courses in literature. Along the way students can expect to gain experience teaching in their relevant professional languages, and to have opportunities to teach in summer residential and online courses. All our students finish their time at Penn State with a record of teaching that showcases both their experience and their versatility. To see the Instructor Handbook please click here. . (Our students also teach as appropriate in related departments, including English rhetoric and composition, and various language courses.)

In recent years our graduate students have taught the following courses.

CMLIT 001, Intro to Western Literature through the Renaissance                            

CMLIT 003, Intro to African Literatures

CMLIT 004, Introduction to Asian Literatures

CMLIT 005, Introduction to Literatures of the Americas

CMLIT 010, Introduction to World Literature

CMLIT 011, The Hero/Heroine in World Literature 

CMLIT 013, Virtual Worlds

CMLIT 100, Introduction to Comparative Literature

CMLIT 101, Identity in World Literatures; Race, Gender, and Other Issues of Diversity

CMLIT 105, Literary Humor                                                                          

CMLIT 106, The Arthurian Legend                                                   

CMLIT 108, Myths and Mythologies of the Non-Western World      

CMLIT 109, Myths, Legends, and Literatures of Native American Cultures 

CMLIT 120, Literature of the Occult                                                                        

CMLIT 131, Crime & Detection

CMLIT 143, Human Rights & World Literature

CMLIT 153, International Literatures and Film         

CMLIT 184, The Short Story                                                             

CMLIT 403, Latina/o Literature and Culture

CMLIT 435, Cultures of Globalization

CMLIT 446, Postcolonial Lit and Culture

CMLIT 453, Film and Literature