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Students are responsible for ensuring that their graduation requirements are complete. It is strongly recommended that prior to registering for your final semester, you meet with your adviser to review your remaining requirements. After scheduling your courses, you should review your degree audit to verify that all of your requirements are complete with your scheduled courses.  You are also encouraged to check with your adviser to make sure this is the case!  If your degree audit indicates any missing courses or problems, review your situation with your adviser.

At the beginning of your final semester, you will activate your intent to graduate on eLion. Make sure your local and permanent addresses are up to date so that commencement information and your diploma are mailed to the correct address. Specific commencement information for the College of the Liberal Arts isn’t mailed until a few weeks prior to the end of the semester, so review general commencement information at

Activating your intent to graduate on eLion will also activate your graduation status for any minors or concurrent majors you are completing. In addition to verifying your major requirements, you will want to verify minor and concurrent major requirements with advisers in the appropriate departments.