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Degree Provisions and Modifications:

  1. Two 500-level courses (one in each of your primary literatures) can replace two 400-level courses which would otherwise be taken in the undergraduate program. It is strongly recommended that these 500-level courses be taken in the fourth year of the undergraduate program. You will apply this M.A. level work to your undergraduate degree program. The B.A./M.A. program, like the current M.A. program, will require 33 credits of graduate work and an M.A. paper.
  2. Comparative Literature 501, which is required in the Comparative Literature M.A. program, may substitute for 40OW, which is the comparable undergraduate requirement.In the integrated program, only CMLIT 501 will be required.
  3. Therefore, nine credits of the M.A. program may be counted towards the B.A. degree, allowing you to complete the M.A. degree in one year following the B.A. degree (including the possibility of summer study).