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Camila Gutiérrez-Fuentes

Camila Gutiérrez-Fuentes

President (2020-2021) of the Liberal Arts Collective at Penn State.

Office: 230 Burrowes bldg.
Mailbox: 442 Burrowes bldg.

University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 863-1125

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Visual Studies dual-title. Penn State, ABD 2019.
  2. M.A. in Comparative Literature. Penn State, 2017.
  3. Professional degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 2012.
  4. B.A. in English Letters, Linguistics and Literature. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 2011.


I am interested in the points of convergence of graphic narratives of the world, and on the results of their interaction in terms of form and content. I focus on graphic narratives originally written in English, Japanese, and Spanish (i.e., comics, manga, and historieta). As I write about women and girls' comics cultures, I am mapping out aesthetic migrations and connections that I find.

Although I study in the United States, I continue to participate with RING, the international network of comics scholars, and I peer review for ESLA, a journal of cultural and literary studies at PUC, Chile. I am also part of the executive committee of the Liberal Arts Collective at Penn State.

Classes taught:

  • CMLIT 13 Virtual Worlds. Fall 2020.
  • ENGL 136 The Graphic Novel. Fall 2019.
  • CMLIT 13 Virtual Worlds. (T.A.) Spring 2019. 
  • CMLIT 191 Introduction to Video Game Cultures. Fall 2018.
  • CMLIT 10 Introduction to World Literature. Spring 2018.
  • CMLIT 115 International Film and Literature. World Campus. Summer 2017.
 Fellowships, grants, awards :
  • Miller 20th Century Japan Research Award - Prange Collection, University of Maryland.
  • Fellowship for Specialists in Cultural and Academic Fields. Japan Foundation.
  • Beca para Postgrado en el Extranjero. (M.A.) Becas Chile CONICYT.
  • Fellowship for Language Assistants. Union College, NY.
  • Beca Vocación de Profesor, Ministry of Education, Chile.

  Areas of Interest:

  • Japanese Literature
  • Visual Culture / Visual Studies
  • Global comics, graphic novels, and graphic narratives
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Participatory Culture