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Graduate Student Publications

Graduate Student Publications

Barbara Alfano

Scholarly articles:

2001. Et in Arcadaia Ego: Gina Lagorio’s L’arcadia americana as the Reflection of a European Literary Self. Forum Italicum 40.2

2006. Il narratore delle Novelle del Bandello e la funzione mediatrice della scrittura, Italica 81.1

2004. 16-23. “Fugitive Diegesis of the First Person Singular in Borges and Calvino.” Variaciones Borges 11. 103-19.

Short Stories in Italian:

2004-2005. La cresima. VIA, Voices in Italian Americana 19.2 (2008). Mi chiedevo.” L’anello che non tiene 16-17). À Paris.” Storie 50 (2003): 120-24.

1998. Un, due. Tre.” L’anello che non tiene 10. 61-89.

Language Pedagogy:

2008. Co-author. Instructor’s Resource Manual of Passaggi (elementary Italian textbook). New York: Prentice Hall.

Ziad Bentahar

2009 Frantz Fanon: Traveling Psychoanalysis and Colonial Algeria. Mosaic: A Journal for the
Interdisciplinary Study of Literature
 42.3 127-40.

2009 Beyond Harem Walls: Redefining Women’s Space in Works by Assia Djebar, Malek Alloula and Fatima Mernissi. Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World 7.1. 25-38.

2007 France and the Maghreb: Performative Encounters, by Mireille Rosello.  [Book Review] Comparative Literature Studies 44.3. 348-50. 

“North Africa,” “Algeria,” “Libya” [Encyclopedia entries]. In Richard Juang, ed. Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics and History. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2008.  

Batma, Larbi. “A Gnawa Adventure” [Translation]. Metamorphoses: Special Issue on the Arab World 15.1-2 (2007): 140-44.

Juliana Chapman

“Melodye and Noyse: Harmonic Structure on the Way to Canterbury,” Studies in Philology, accepted, forthcoming Fall 2015.

Michelle Decker

“The ‘Autobiography’ of Tippu Tip: Geography, Genre, and the African Indian Ocean” Forthcoming in Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies

“Aimé Césaire” and “Négritude.” Forthcoming in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism

Anouar El Younssi

 “An Exoticized World Literature: Ben Jelloun at the Two Shores of the Mediterranean.” Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics 34 (2014): 225-50. (about 11,000 words)

“The Countercultural, Liberal Voice of Moroccan Mohamed Choukri and its Affinities with the American Beats.” Vitality and Dynamism: Interstitial Dialogues of Language, Politics, and Religion in Morocco’s Literary Tradition. Vol. 1. Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2014. 157-176.   

“World Literature in Translation: A Threat to the Sovereignty of the Original?” Translation Journal 18.2, July 2014.

“Colonial Tangier: From a Hybrid Space to a Hybrid Literature.” Tingis Redux 9 Sept. 2012.

“’Izdiwājiyat al-khiṭāb fī “zaman al-‘akhṭā’” li al-kātib al-maghribī muhammed shūkri.” [The Double Discourse in Streetwise by Mohamed Choukri] Tanja Aladabia Journal 16 July 2012. (article in Arabic)  (1,737 words)

“Al-ṭāhar ben jellūn: ‘adab ʿālamī ‘am mughāzala li khiṭāb al-‘istishrāq.” [Tahar Ben Jelloun: A World Literature or Courting the Orientalist Discourse?] Tanja Aladabia Journal 20 Sept. 2013. (article in Arabic)

“The Controversial Mohamed Choukri: A Vagabond Turned into an Internationally-Acclaimed Author.” Morocco World News, 15 July 2012.

“Tangier as an International City: A Hybrid Space Giving Birth to a Hybrid Literature.” Morocco World News, 4 July 2012.

“The Sufis and William Blake: When Islamic Mysticism and English Romanticism Intersect.” Morocco World News, 17 Aug. 2012.

English translation of Mohamed Choukri’s short story “Aisha” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 2 (1 Nov., 2013), pp. 43-46. 

English translation of Suzan Eliwan’s poem “The Fog and the Cold of December” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 3 (1 Jan., 2014), p. 4.

English translation of Onsi al-Haj’s poem “I Have a Beloved” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 4 (21 March, 2014), pp. 6-9.

English translation of al-Munsef al-Mazghani’s poem “In the House of Sin” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 4 (21 March, 2014), pp. 12-13.

English translation of Mohamed Dib’s poem “That One Who Is Called al-Mashsha’” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 4 (21 March, 2014), p. 35.

English translation of Salaiman Juhni’s poem “With Great Difficulty” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 5 (29 June, 2014), p. 7-8.

English translation of Imad Addin Mossa’s poem “In War Only Trees Don’t Die” from the Arabic. Tulips Magazine no 5 (29 June, 2014), p. 21-22.

Oscar Fernandez

Fernández, Oscar and Lori Ween.  Foreword and Translation.  “Nuria Amat.  ‘The Language of Two Shores.’” PMLA:  Journal of the Modern Language Association of America 116.1 (2001):  189-197.

Kelly Lehtonen

2014 “The Abjection of Malbecco: Forgotten Identity in Spenser’s Legend of Chastity.” Forthcoming in Spenser Studies

Sara Marzioli

2015 The Subterranean Spaces of History between Harlem and Rome.” African American Review (forthcoming Spring 2015)

2012 Ralph Ellison’s Exceptional Diaspora: The View From Rome,” Atlantic Studies 9.4. 447-66.

Mich Nyawalo

“Signifying Masculinity and Power through the Spectacle of Commodity: A Critical Look at Kenyan Politics.” in  Culturing Manhood and Masculinity. University of Illinois Press. 

« La France inventée en Afrique : un discours sur l’imaginaire collectif. » Journal of the African Literature Asociation.

“From ‘Badman’ to ‘Gangsta’: Double Consciousness and Authenticity, From African American Folklore to Hip-Hop.” Journal of Popular Music and Society

Lea Pao

Li, Q. G. Buch des Himmels. Trans. Lea Pao. Wien: Letter P, 2012.

Matthew Price (English PhD student, co-advisor in Comparative Literature)

“A Genealogy of Queer Detachment.” Forthcoming in  PMLA (2015).

“Mapping Minor Spaces: Towards a Critical Literary Geography of Hardy’s Wessex.” Forthcoming in  ELN: English Language Notes 52.1 (Spring/Summer 2014).

Lisa Ruch

1996 Albina und ihre Schwestern: Ihre Rolle in der mittelalterlichen Chronistik. Ed. Werner Wunderlich and Ulrich Müller. Mittelalter-Mythen:  Herrscher, Helden, Heilige.  Constance/St. Gall:Universitätsverlag, 287-94.

Deberniere Torrey

Malseron / Malsehak ( Eschatology / Study of the End Times). Kim Jeong Hyeon, Gil Seon Ju. Ed. Jae Hyun Kim. Seoul: KIATS Press, 2010. 223-340

Seongsan Myeong Gyeong ( The Clear Mirror of Sacred Mountain). Choe Byeong Hyeon. Ed. Jae Hyun Kim. Seoul: KIATS Press, 2010. 25-80

Mansaseongchwi (The Attainment of All Things). Gil Seon-Ju. Ed. Jae Hyun Kim.

Seoul: KIATS Press, 2008. 15-69

The Translation Series of the Korean Christian Classics I: A Record of a Dream of Yi Byeok, A Record of the Words of Ryu-Han-Dang; Meditation on Life after Death. Ed. Jae Hyun Kim. Seoul: The Korean Christian Museum at Soongsil University, 2007. 19-88

Darwin Tsen

(Forthcoming) 2015. Revisiting Said’s ‘Secular Criticism’: Institutional Critique and an Ethics of Potentiality.” in Geocritical Legacies of Edward Said. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Translation of Karatani, Kojin. “History as Museum: Okakura Tenshin and Ernest Fenollosa,” forthcoming in Nation and Aesthetics.

2012. Translation of Wang, Xiaoming. “Toward a Great Unity: Theories of Subjectivity in China in the Early Decades of the Modern Era.” Social Text 30.1. 143- 157.

Minjuan Wang

1996 Liu, K., Li, X., Wu, J., Wang, M. J., & Shi, A. B. Yao mo hua zhongguo de beihou [A critical analysis of the U.S. media.] Beijing: Social Science Publishing; Tai-Kung-Pao Publisher, Co., 1997 (Hong Kong edition); Chie-you Publishing, Co., 1997 (Taiwan edition).  Named as a “national bestseller in 1997” by China Books Review. 

1996 Liu, K., Wu, J., Wu, J. P., & Wang, M. J. From comparative literature to cultural studies: A talk by three scholars on the western comparative literature. Comparative Literature in China,23(2), 104-114.

Grace Hui-chuan Wu

Entries on “Sui Sin Far” and “Bei Dao.” The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism. Ed. Stephen Ross. Forthcoming from Routledge.

” Family Catastrophe and the Making of Taiwanese Modernity,” forthcoming, Journal of Modern Literature.

“亞/美文學的他者──李昌來的《懸空》/ The Asian American Bourgeoisie and the Economics of Racial Form,” forthcoming, EurAmerica.