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'Headspace' at the Downtown Theatre

Frederick Miller
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'Headspace' at the Downtown Theatre

* How was the experience of premiering your play ‘Headspace’ at the Downtown Theatre?

Premiering Headspace was a whirlwind experience that I feel brought my experiences at Penn State full circle. My first show in college was Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka, also performed at the Downtown Theatre. Headspace is a deeply personal story that is set in the Penn State community and so, I am extremely that the premiere of the piece took place in the Penn State community; the audiences reacted positively to the work and were all able to find some way into the story. As a theatre artist, there's nothing more fulfilling than knowing that your work has been able to touch an audience and start a conversation.

* What year do you expect to graduate from Penn State?

I intend on graduating from Penn State in May 2022 with a BA in Theatre and a BA in Comparative Literature. In the home stretch!

* What are your career goals following graduation? And how do you think CMLIT, as a double major, has helped you to prepare for those goals?

My immediate goals are applying to MFA programs in Dramaturgy & Dramatic Criticism. I'm currently going through the application process. Long-term, I want to get my PhD in Theatre History and would love to teach at the collegiate level and/or possibly work in a regional theatre. My dual degree in Comparative Literature has aided in my analytical skills of dramatic texts, helping me to consider the socio-historical context in which plays and musicals are created.